Accutek Solar

Welcome to Accutek Solar: A solar energy company serving Danville, IL, Terre Haute & Clinton, IN

We install solar electric (PV), solar hot water systems, and Kohler backup generators in the Danville, IL, Terraute, IN & Clinton, IN area. We also do electrical installation and repair.

Accutek has a mission, and it is simple: to provide the most cost-effective solutions to our customers’ energy needs.

We are professional solar installers who also offer installation services for all our products. We take great pride in all installations performed, keeping a close eye on the details. In addition to performing all on-site services during installation, we guarantee continued support of our work through the many years it will be a part of your home or business.

We know there is a growing demand in this area to have emergency power ready to go at a moment’s notice. Kohler is a reliable product with a proven service record to satisfy your power needs.

The future of energy

What Our Customers Are Saying about our A solar energy contractors in Clinton, IN

A.F. Dana, IN

“Superior knowledge of his products along with great service and reliability!”

E.D. Clinton, IN

Accutek Solar designed a customized system for us based upon our location, lifestyle, and budget.  We are extremely satisfied with our PV panels and solar thermal tubes.  Clean solar energy has enabled us to lower our carbon footprint and eliminated our monthly electric bill while maintainig a very comfortable lifestyle

J.V.  Terre Haute, IN

I am really glad I decided to buy a system from Accutek Systems Inc.  There is no better feeling than seeing your electric meter spin backwards!  System was installed in a timely manner with professionalism and has been working flawlessly since.  Thanks!

-J.R. Program Chair of Energy Technology, Ivy Tech Community College: Lafayette, IN

“Accutek has been key in the design, integration, and custom istallation of new and existing systems at the Craig Porter Energy Center.  Their expertise and installation quality is one to admire.  Both Ivy Tech College and the student body recognize their contributions and hold Accutek’s dedication to integrating technological solutions for rewewable energy systems in the highest regard”


General Solar FAQ

Q) Do we have enough sun in our area for solar to make sense?
A) We do. In fact, we have more solar energy available here than they do in Germany, and Germany produces more solar energy per capita than any other country!

Q) What is the difference between solar thermal and PV?
A) Solar thermal systems use the heat of the sun to heat an antifreeze solution which is pumped from the collector outside back into a heat exchanger to heat water. A PV (photo voltaic) system uses the radiation from the sun to generate DC electrical current in the panels which is either stored in batteries or immediately converted to AC power with an inverter.


Q) what are the different types of PV systems?

A)There are 3 basic types of PV systems.

The first type is grid tied. This type of system does not have batteries. It consists of solar panels and a grid tie inverter. The goal of this system type is simply to reduce or eliminate you electric bill. A grid tie PV system typically does not provide backup power during power outages. Some systems can provide limited backup power during sunlight hours.

The second type is a hybrid system. These systems also connect to the grid , but they have a battery bank as well. They are capable of supporting some or all of your loads during a power outage.

The third type is an off grid system. These systems are not connected to the power grid at all. They rely on solar power with batteries, and a backup generator that acts as a battery charger for days when the demand is greater than the supply of sunshine.

Q) What is net metering?
A) Net metering is the practice of taking the difference between your power produced and power consumed at the end of the month either charging you for power used or putting a credit on your account for excess power produced. In Indiana they will not actually pay you for excess power, but they will let you use the credit next time you don’t generate enough. A good example of this is when you generate more than you need for several months through the summer then use the credit in the winter when solar output is lower.

About Us

Accutek Solar is a family owned environmentally conscious company. Founded by Keith Davis in 1994, we have been in the business of electrical installation and repair for 26 years in Clinton, IN.

We offer FREE estimates. We install reliable solar electric or thermal systems at a cost-effective and reasonable price.  We also install energy-conserving LED lighting, energy monitoring equipment, and offer helpful suggestions to lower your energy use.