Whole House Backup Generators

Are you looking to install a backup generator and have no idea where to start?

Trust the installation job to Accutek Solar in Danville, IL, Terre Haute & Clinton, IN

You’re at home, waiting out the storm that’s battering your property. Suddenly, the lights go out and you’re plunged into darkness. Save yourself from a night of fumbling around for candles with Kohler generator installation services from Accutek Solar.

A generator supplies backup power to your home when a storm or other unforeseen occurrence causes a power outage. Enjoy added peace of mind with a backup plan from Accutek Solar. There are several ways to back your home up with a Kohler generator with almost any budget in mind, including automatic and manual.

Schedule generator installation services right away.

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Put your project in trusted hands

The experienced electrician at Accutek Solar in Danville, IL, Terre Haute, or Clinton, IN can determine:

  • What type of generator you need
  • What size generator you need
  • Where the generator should be installed

We abide by all applicable codes and regulations to make sure your Kohler generator is properly installed. No need to worry about power outages anymore! With Kohler Generators, you are still up and running even if the power is out all across your neighborhood. Kohler generators turn on automatically within 10 seconds to restore your power. Contact us today at (812)878-7343 for an estimate.