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Accutek Solar is a solar energy systems integrator dedicated to facilitating the implementation of solar technologies for commercial, industrial, government, and commercial/residential entities seeking the benefits of renewable energy production.

With in-house resources and an extensive network of industry partners, we offer a wide array of services from small scale residential and niche applications to large scale commercial and federal projects.

Accutek Solar provides design, installation, and maintenance of solar and wind renewable energy systems for a broad range of government, residential, and commercial applications.


Commercial solar power systems are growing rapidly in popularity, as business owners and corporate boards are realizing their attractive financial benefits – including substantial tax advantages. Commercial systems have a lower cost per watt due to economies of scale.  That means that your return on investment will be quicker than smaller residential systems. You can also utilize the federal tax credit! Through 2022, you can depreciate the value of a solar system 100% in the first year as well (check with your Tax Professional for full details).

If your company is interested in assessing the viability of a solar power system at your facility, we can provide a custom analysis. After conducting a site assessment and obtaining information from your electrical bills, we can provide preliminary financials that will show the expected performance of a solar power system over the next 25-30 years.

Accutek Solar works with several distributors of the best renewable energy products out there. Call us today at (812)878-7343 today to schedule your estimate.

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